Online Booking

Welcome to our new online booking system. We are using a 3rd party provider for this (Supersaas) and we hope you find it useful.

Book a table


  1. Please ensure you only book a maximum of 1 hour per member, per day.  We will review this, but we feel it is fair to allow all members the chance to book a slot post lockdown.
  2. Please use the wall mounted hand sanitizer when you enter the club and during play
  3. Only 2 players should use the tables at this time (maximum 4 players in the snooker room with both tables in use)
  4. Please ensure you use the antiseptic wipes to wipe down the rests and scoreboard before and after play
  5. Please brush and block the table after use – they have been recently reclothed and they need to treated carefully
  6. Please do not leave any rubbish in the club – we currently have no cleaner, so if possible place rubbish in bins in the Carfax after play
  7. The bar is open, but ideally drink from the can or bottle.  If a glass is used then wash thoroughly after play
  8. Enjoy yourself!