League Snooker

The Horsham club currently have over 50 members playing snooker in 6 different league teams in the Horsham and District Snooker League: www.horshamsnooker.co.uk

Division 1 = HC Wanderers, HC B Team, HC D, HC Colours

Division 2 = HC E, HC Casuals,

More about league snooker
· It is a winter league that starts in September and will finish at the end of March/early April.
· There are 12 teams in each division and you play each team twice (home and away).
· Each team will have a designated day of the week assigned for home matches, but away fixtures may be on a different day.
· For each league match you will be part of a team of 5. You will be pitched against a player on the opposing team. Each person plays one game.
· Generally each team will have between 6 and 9 registered players to select a team of 5.
· The following link will provide more info on the HDSL = http://hdsl.leaguerepublic.com/

Are you Interested in joining a league team?

Playing for a team will give you the opportunity to play different players in a competitive but social environment.

If you have an interest in playing league snooker then please email Dominic Wakefield secretary@horshamsnooker.co.uk. It would be useful to know the following in order to establish which team (and therefore Division) would be more appropriate for your level of snooker :

High Break?
How often you play?
Any previous league snooker experience?
How often you’re likely to be available to play league matches (i.e. every week / every other week)?
Any days of the week you definitely can’t play?

Should you have any questions then please feel free to contact the members secretary at thehorshamclub@gmail.com


Dominic Wakefield